The 360 Feedback assessment process includes a number of steps that help an organization gather feedback on an employee’s performance against job- and organization-critical competencies, and then report on that data. Employees, peers, managers, and process coordinators collaborate, as necessary. Depending on how the organization has configured it, this process may consist of some or all of the following steps, which may appear in any order and in varying frequency:

  • Select Criteria – Before users begin their assessments, a user may need to select the core competencies to include on the assessment. Typically, however, the competencies on the form are pre-determined by the user’s job or position, and by the form configuration, and this step is not included.
  • Self-Assessment – The employee being assessed may need to assess his or her own performance against competencies and, if applicable, behaviors. This may also include rating the relative importance of each competency or behavior, completing a questionnaire, and providing further comments.
  • Select Raters – A typical 360 Feedback process gathers feedback from multiple individuals in the organization. The employee or manager selects the individuals to complete a 360 Feedback assessment for the employee, and the user must select enough individuals who have a specific relationship to the employee, according to a predefined quota. For example, the organization may require that the assessment process include five raters: the employee, a manager, and three peers. Rater selections may also require manager approval before Talent sends the assessment to the selected raters to complete. Employees are encouraged to collaborate with their managers to ensure they select raters who can provide the most effective feedback. As necessary, the user who had selected raters can add more raters after this step from the assessment history list.
  • Approve Raters – A manager or process coordinator may need to approve rater selections before Talent sends the assessment to the raters to complete. Depending on how the process is configured, the approving individual may be able to make changes to the rater list, or he or she may need to return the form to the selector for corrections.
  • Provide Feedback – Selected raters receive requests in their Timeline to assess the employee. This may also include rating the relative importance of each competency or behavior, completing a questionnaire, and providing further comments.After all raters have submitted their feedback, qualified individuals can download a 360 Feedback Report; this qualification depends on the user’s access rights and the report settings provided for the 360 Feedback Process. This static, printable report provides a numerical and graphical summary of the feedback, as well as a gap analysis that the organization can use to identify where the employee excels and needs improvement.