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To protect your investment in costly specialized software applications, you need individualized and precise user training. The greatest technology in the world won’t increase your company’s competitive edge if your users don’t effectively apply it. And, IT development projects are so costly that failure at implementation is just not an option.

Online computer or professional development training is a great solution for companies looking to provide on-demand, anytime training for one or many employees. Arm your staff with the convenience of training online. ExecuTrain offers thousands of courses that can be bundled for the specific needs of you and your team.

eLearning delivers more training to more people, and can be very cost-efficient, leaving more for your bottom line. Online learning can be used alone or coupled with instructor-led learning, which allows the classroom experience to expand to day-to-day use. Since learning isn’t an event, but an ongoing process, eLearning supports and augments each instructor-led learning experience.