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Organizations use reporting tools to access data sources and generate customized reports. Crystal Reports® 2016 enhances report building and report processing techniques with a variety of features that add value to a presentation. In this course, you will create a basic report by connecting to a database and modifying the report’s presentation.
Information is critical to making sound business decisions. Data presented without any formatting or structure holds little or no meaning for interpretation. Crystal Reports 2016 helps you build advanced reports with ease, presenting complex information in an understandable way.

  • Dates: Jan 14, 2021- Jan 15, 2021
  • Times: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Location: Lexington
  • Seats: 10
  • Price: $790


  • Lesson 1: Exploring the Crystal Reports Interface

    • Topic A: Explore Crystal Reports
    • Topic B: Use Crystal Reports Help
    • Topic C: Customize Report Settings
  • Lesson 2: Working with Reports

    • Topic A: Create a Report
    • Topic B: Modify a Report
    • Topic C: Display Specific Report Data
    • Topic D: Work with Report Sections
  • Lesson 3: Using Formulas in Reports

    • Topic A: Create a Formula
    • Topic B: Edit a Formula
    • Topic C: Filter Data by Using a Formula
    • Topic D: Work with Advanced Formulas and Functions
    • Topic E: Handle Null Values
  • Lesson 4: Building Parameterized Reports

    • Topic A: Create a Parameter Field
    • Topic B: Use a Range Parameter in a Report
    • Topic C: Create a Prompt
  • Lesson 5: Grouping Report Data

    • Topic A: Group Report Data
    • Topic B: Modify a Group Report
    • Topic C: Group by Using Parameters
    • Topic D: Create a Parameterized Top N Report
  • Lesson 6: Enhancing a Report

    • Topic A: Format a Report
    • Topic B: Insert Objects in a Report
    • Topic C: Suppress Report Sections
    • Topic D: Use Report Templates
  • Lesson 7: Creating a Report from Excel Data

    • Topic A: Create a Report Based on Excel Data
    • Topic B: Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
    • Topic C: Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data
  • Lesson 8: Distributing Data

    • Topic A: Export Data
    • Topic B: Create Mailing Labels