Being a woman in a leadership role presents several obstacles that we all have to face.  It’s time to rise to the next level!  ExecuTrain is proud to bring this unique series to you.  This program is intended for professional women in any industry that wish to take on a leadership role, network with other professionals, advance their careers, and build competencies to apply and make an impact on their own teams and organizations.

All classes will be conducted via Zoom.

Date Topic Description

March 8, 2023

10AM – 12PM EST

Communicating with Confidence This class will focus on written, verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to convey confidence. Knowing how to give and receive feedback is a leadership essential.  Developing tactics for handling criticism—especially comments that feel like sabotage—will help you stay poised and confident.

March 21, 2023

10AM – 12PM EST

You’re in the Spotlight

This session is designed to grow your confidence quickly so you can design and deliver more effective presentations in any situation.

Take-Aways Include:

  • Developing confidence regardless the audience size, make-up, or location
  • Identifying what makes you different, your style, and how you best bring value to others
  • Learning how to “Obsess About Your Audience” and make everything about them
  • Understanding the brain science of how to move any audience to the actions you want
  • Developing a system so you can easily construct effective presentations every time
  • Learning how to come up with creative new content on your own consistently so your presentations always seem “fresh”

April 11, 2023


Becoming a Resilient Leader Becoming a Resilient Leader – In today’s unpredictable landscape, leaders face new challenges, difficult decisions, and changing circumstances. To successfully navigate through times of uncertainty and lead your team to success, you need to be adaptable, proactive, and, perhaps most importantly, resilient. Building resilience is vital to becoming a leader who can successfully navigate through challenges and guide others with courage and conviction. Resilient leaders don’t just survive, but they thrive in the face of change and uncertainty.

April 19, 2023


Mentoring in Today’s World Mentoring works both ways:  up and down.  We will explore what it takes to develop a great relationship with your mentor as well as how to pay it forward.  Hear success stories from others who have been mentored and are mentoring in return.
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