Being a woman in a leadership role presents several obstacles that we all have to face.  It’s time to rise to the next level!  ExecuTrain and Women Leading Kentucky have partnered together to bring this unique series to you.  This program is intended for professional women in any industry that wish to take on a leadership role, network with other professionals, advance their careers, and build competencies to apply and make an impact on their own teams and organizations.

All classes will be conducted in the ExecuTrain Lexington office from 12:30PM (EST) to 4:30PM (EST).

Date Topic Description
January 26, 2022 Communicating with Confidence – You’re in the Spotlight Knowing how to give and receive feedback is a leadership essential. Developing tactics for handling criticism—especially comments that feel like sabotage—will help you stay poised and confident.

While we all influence others through our communication, some people seem more skilled than others.  Most leave their communication/ presentation abilities to merely “picking up” ideas, concepts and techniques along the way and “winging it” when the time comes.  Very few professionals intentionally train themselves to develop the skill of presenting and communicating well.

February 10, 2022 Perfectionism Perfection is one of the most pervasive challenges holding women leaders back – in fact, 97 percent of people struggle with some form of perfectionism.  We too often believe that if we achieve perfection, we will also achieve happiness and success -whether it be in our professional life, personal life, or in ourselves.  This belief is holding us back.  Symptoms of perfectionism include procrastination, control, people-pleasing, unrealistic expectations, conflict avoidance, feeling stuck, imposter syndrome, all-or-nothing thinking, anxiety, comparison, and stress.  In Overcoming Perfectionism, you will learn how to take your energy toward perfectionism and turn it to success.
February 24, 2022 Leading Teams with Excellence When teams click, watch out! Getting to that level of performance calls for leaders who understand how teams develop, what can disrupt collaboration, and how to manage team conflict.
March 10, 2022 Women in Leadership Part 1 – Barriers and Benefits TBA
March 23, 2022 Women in Leadership Part 2 – Developing Your Leadership Style TBA
April 7, 2022 Mentoring in Today’s World Mentoring works both ways: up and down. Hear success stories from others who have been mentored and are mentoring others.
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