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This course is an introduction to Microsoft Teams. Users can easily communicate and collaborate together through Microsoft Teams messaging and meeting functionality.


  • Lesson 1: Getting Started - Overview

    • Topic A: The Teams Window
    • Topic B: Teams and Channels
    • Topic C: Finding and Joining a Team
    • Topic D: Using Mentions
    • Topic E: See Who’s Online
    • Topic F: Hide or Show a Team
    • Topic G: Following a Channel
    • Topic H: Leaving a Team
  • Lesson 2: Channels

    • Topic A: Create a New Channel
    • Topic B: Deleting a Channel
    • Topic C: Changing a Channel Name
    • Topic D: See Who is in a Channel
    • Topic E: See all Channels in a Team
    • Topic F: Channel Notifications
  • Lesson 3: Messaging

    • Topic A: Starting a Private Chat
    • Topic B: Adding People to a Private Chat
    • Topic C: Naming a Group Chat
    • Topic D: Mute a Chat
    • Topic E: Leave a Group Chat
    • Topic F: Editing or Deleting a Sent Message
    • Topic G: Working with Messages
    • Topic H: Adding Items to a Message
    • Topic I: Saving a Message
  • Lesson 4: Meetings

    • Topic A: Scheduling a Meeting
    • Topic B: Viewing Your Meeting
    • Topic C: Joining a Meeting
    • Topic D: Scheduling a Private Meeting
    • Topic E: Using the Meeting Toolbar
    • Topic F: Sharing Your Desktop
  • Lesson 5: Calls

    • Topic A: Starting a call From a Chat
    • Topic B: Answer a Call
    • Topic C: Put a Call on Hold
  • Lesson 6: Files

    • Topic A: Explore the Files List
    • Topic B: Upload a File to a Channel
    • Topic C: Working with Files
  • Lesson 7: Apps

    • Topic A: Adding an App to Teams
    • Topic B: Adding a Tab out of the Store
    • Topic C: Working with Tabs
    • Topic D: Adding a Connector Outside of the Store
    • Topic E: Removing a Connector
    • Topic F: Chat with a Bot
    • Topic G: Block a Bot
    • Topic H: Uninstalling a Bot
    • Topic I: Getting Help
    • Topic J: Using Who
  • Lesson 8: Settings

    • Topic A: Changing Your Profile Picture
    • Topic B: Reorder the Teams List
    • Topic C: Changing Your Status
    • Topic D: Using the Activity Feed
  • Lesson 9: Shortcuts

Course Schedule

08/17/20** August 17, 2020**
9:00 am
12:00 pm
08/27/20** August 27, 2020**
9:00 am
12:00 pm
09/01/20** September 1, 2020**
9:00 am
12:00 pm
09/03/20** September 3, 2020**
9:00 am
12:00 pm
09/23/20** September 23, 2020**
9:00 am
12:00 pm
*Indicates a course that spans over multiple days.

**Indicates a course that is only a half day.