Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having a voice to be heard. 
– Liz Fosslien
Date Time (EST) Session Title (Click the title for description and registration)
November  18, 2020 1PM – 2PM Let’s Start from the Beginning
December 2, 2020 11AM – 12PM Understanding Privilege
December 2, 2020 1PM – 2PM Cultivating a Culture of Conscious Conversations
December 9, 2020
11AM – 12PM Recognizing and Addressing Battle Fatigue in the Workplace
December 9, 2020 1PM – 2PM How to Host a Difficult Dialogue Discussion
December 16, 2020 1PM – 2PM Labels Hurt: Let’s Talk

About the Facilitator:

Natasha Ramsey

Natasha Ramsey assists organizations and businesses with the understanding of what diversity, equity and inclusion is, its importance and how to utilize discussed strategies to develop improved cultural competence and awareness. Her approach is based on the understanding that we all come from various levels of understanding, experience and awareness and tapping into these different levels to produce enriched discussions and conversations. Natasha has facilitated many diversity and leadership trainings for student leader groups, university staff and faculty for over 5 years. You will find that Natasha creates a safe space to allow for participants to feel supported working through uncomfortable discussions, and supports each participant through engagement and challenge.