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ExecuTrain 360 is about taking an informed and holistic view of the entire project at hand, from analysis all the way through to delivery and support of the solution. Whether we are working with people, projects or company platforms – there is total alignment with the client and a shared vision in mind.

Our ExecuTrain 360 – Projects method encompasses our robust network to provide you with those items you might not have on hand within your own organization.  For instance, why employ a project manager when you only need this service on a temporary basis?  ExecuTrain can augment your projects from a management, assessment, custom development, facilitation, and implementation standpoint – 360-degree service.  We’re the experts in training – you don’t have to be!

Based on years of experience and a team that is customer-focused, ExecuTrain’s 360 model shortens the learning curve and delivers significant benefits for you and your business at every stage of the process. In a nutshell, ExecuTrain is there with you before, during, and after each engagement to ensure your goals are met.