About ExecuTrain

Founded in 1984, we focus on elevating companies and moving people forward. Having trained over 12 million business individuals worldwide, we provide customized professional development for our clients to become business leaders.

Serving as Subject Matter Expert (SME) to Fortune 500 companies, we work with our clients to design the highest-quality training, consulting, and support services to fit their needs.  Our proprietary professional development and implementation program, ExecuTrain 360, is crafted and managed by our staff of industry-leading professionals experienced in corporate education.

Adapting and evolving with ever-changing technology, we continue to deliver exceptional instruction, cutting-edge courseware, and up-to-date facilities.  We evaluate our accomplishment with the continued achievements of our clients, and we’re thankful to be a part of a growing list of success stories!

What is a Licensee?

For 30 years ExecuTrain operated as a franchise.  Today, we believe the future to quality training is to collaborate and grow through a Licensee agreement with organizations who are established, quality providers of individual and team training.  We want to extend our proven approaches of marketing and facilitation as well as customized courseware and online offerings into more markets within the United States.  We have had significant success in delivering virtual training and believe collaborating with other license groups will be beneficial to both partners.

What are the benefits of being a Licensee?

Your organization can leverage the international web presence and brand image of a 30-year-old training brand known for excellent facilitation, breadth of services, and client satisfaction.  Licensees will have the ability to leverage other programs and contracts that it has in the learning space.

Getting Started

Does this sound like an opportunity you would be interested in exploring further?  Contact us to get started in the process.