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Succession planning saves the cost and time of external personnel searches. It improves employee morale, lessens the effects of re-engineering and downsizing, but most important, it creates a diverse talent pool within your organization. This book was written to guide you through the evaluation process of succession planning. It describes the guidelines for setting up a program, along with bench-marking procedures for ensuring the ongoing success of your plan.

  • Dates: Jan 21, 2021
  • Times: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Location: Louisville
  • Seats: 12
  • Price: $325.00


  • Section 1: Succession Planning: An Overview

    • The True Meaning of Succession Planning
    • The Importance of a Solid Plan
    • How Restructuring Affects Succession Planning
    • Setting the Stage
    • Succession Planning Versus Replacement Planning
  • Section 2: Establishing a Need for Succession Planning

    • Presenting a Case for Change
    • Uncovering Problems
    • Defining Your Needs
    • Finding Out Where You Stand: Benchmarking
    • Proposing a Vision for Change
    • Getting Commitment
  • Section 3: Defining Responsibilities to the Program

    • Defining Responsibilities and Functions
    • Develop a Strategic Action Plan
    • Communicating the Process
  • Section 4: Identifying Key Positions

    • Identifying Key Leadership Positions
    • Determining Essential Character Qualities
    • Evaluating Individual Performance
    • Evaluating Team Performance
  • Section 5: Forecasting Future Needs

    • Predicting Future Needs
    • Selecting Your Dream Team
    • Evaluating Individuals for Future Opportunities
  • Section 6: Assessing Your Organization's Climate

    • Creating a Climate for Leaders
    • Presenting a Vision of Leadership
    • Nurturing Talent
    • Providing the Right Tools
    • Supporting Long‐Term Coaching
    • Learning to Fly
    • Improving the Teams
  • Section 7: Promoting Employees: The Search from Within

    • Finding the Strength from Within
    • Refining Your Internal Promotion Policy
    • Preparing Professional Development Plans
  • Section 8: Choosing a Succession Planning Design

    • Selecting Succession Planning Designs
    • Exercising Freedom to Choose Successors
  • Section 9: Analyzing Your Result

    • Providing Proof Positive
    • Discovering Cause and Effect
    • Using the Right Instrument
    • Staying Focused