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Solution Selling® (SS) is a highly interactive training program for sales professionals, based on findings of buyer behavior research published in the best-seller book, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

SS is a high-performance sales execution methodology, which includes supporting processes, tools, and critical skills development. Designed to keep the customer as the focus of every sales engagement,
this program enables selling professionals to substantively increase win rates and revenue production by:

• Providing higher and differentiating value to buyers – not only by what they sell, but more importantly, by how they engage with customers
• Aligning effectively with buyers at every stage of their purchase decision process
• Understanding the critical business issues or potential missed opportunities faced by customers, and providing valuable insight for addressing those issues
• Engaging transparently with buyers throughout the buying process
• Co-creating valuable solutions with buyers
• Collaborating as equals with buyers throughout the selling process, and advising them effectively and efficiently to a good buying decision and business outcome

  • Dates: Aug 20, 2024- Aug 21, 2024
  • Times: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (EST)
  • Location: Lexington
  • Seats: 10
  • Price: $995


• The course is designed for direct sellers and their managers. It can be scaled and tailored for
application to nearly every industry and selling situation – from short transactions
to extended, complex opportunities. The higher the need to differentiate sales teams in
how they engage with customers, the better the fit for SS content.

During a SS workshop, sales professionals and sales managers will learn:
• How and why buyer behavior has changed, making them more empowered than ever
• How successful sellers, including the best of the best, align effectively with empowered
buyers to produce consistently high results
• The three sales roles – or “personae” – needed to align with buyers, and when to employ
• How to develop a personal brand, built on situational fluency and expertise
• How to connect with early-stage buyers, by using both social selling and traditional
prospecting methods
• How to engage in valuable sales conversations that help buyers develop a clear vision of
solutions to their problems
• How to collaborate with buyers to co-create and agree on solution value
• How to mitigate buyer’s perceptions of risk, in order to help them make a confident
buying decision
• How to negotiate and close business while minimizing discounts and concessions
• How to evaluate sales opportunities and determine their quality
• How to implement and apply the principles of SS on an ongoing basis


  • Introduction

    • Exercise: Introduction/ Expectations
  • Buying Process and Sales Alignment

    • How Buyers Buy Behaviorally
    • Three Emerging Sales Personae
    • Dynamic Sales Process
  • Pre-Call Planning and Demand Creation

    • Anticipating Potential Pain
    • Exercise: Select a Team Case
    • Exercise: Create a Pain Chain®
    • Demand Creation and Messaging
    • Exercise: Develop Messaging
  • Opening and Positioning the Meeting

    • Preparing for a Sale
    • Conversation
    • Exercise: Create Capability Visions
    • Differentiation
    • Exercise: Identify Differentiation
    • Exercise: Create Conversation Prompter
  • Day One Debrief

    • Review Evening Assignments
    • Conversation Types
    • Opening the Sales Conversation
  • Consultative Sales Conversations

    • Sales Conversation: Vision Creation
    • Exercise: Role Play Vision Creation
    • Sales Conversation: V.Reengineering
    • Exercise: Role Play: V.Reengineering
    • The Vision Enhancement Approach
  • Qualify Sponsorship and Set Up Next Steps

    • Identifying Buying Sponsorship
    • Buyer Communication email
    • Create Collaboration Plans
    • The Transition Sale
    • Value Analysis and Success Criteria
    • Exercise: Create a Collaboration Plan
  • Final Negotiations

    • Negotiating Best Practices
    • Exercise: Prepare Final Negotiations
  • Day Two Debrief

    • Review Evening Assignments
  • Team Presentations

    • Finalize Presentations
    • Conduct Presentations and Debriefs