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This course is designed to help acquaint you with the key skills any successful presenter needs to master. You will learn how to build credibility and confidence as a speaker, how to organize your thoughts and data, how to construct powerful visual aids, and how to develop a dynamic presentation style.

Completion of this course will earn 0.575 CEUs.

  • Dates: Apr 12, 2021
  • Times: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Location: Lexington
  • Seats: 10
  • Price: $325.00


  • Part 1: Assessing Your Skills

    • Evaluating Yourself
    • Dealing with Anxiety
    • Tips for Reducing Anxiety
    • Turning Your Assessment into a Plan
  • Part 2: Planning Your Presentation

    • Clarifying Your Strategy
    • Six Steps to Planning Your Presentation
    • Some Thoughts on Using Handouts
    • Preparing For Your Next Presentation
  • Part 3: Using Slides and Other Visual Aids

    • Using Slides and Visual Aids Effectively
    • Designing Your Slides
    • Use Your Slides-Don't Let Them Use You
  • Part 4: Preparing for Your Presentation

    • Personal Appearance
    • Controlling the Presentation Environment
    • When You Can't Practice-Successful Impromptu Speaking
  • Part 5: Delivering Your Presentation with Energy and Composure

    • Engaging Your Audience
    • Putting Energy to Work
    • Maintaining Composure
    • Question-and-Answer Techniques
    • Dealing with Hostile Questions