Excel Basics 102 am session2023-11-27T12:18:22-04:00


Lesson 1: Formatting a Worksheet

Topic A: Apply Text Formats

Topic B: Apply Number Formats

Topic C: Align Cell Contents

Topic D: Apply Colors, Borders, and Styles

Topic E: Apply Basic Conditional Formatting

Lesson 2: Printing Workbooks

Topic A: Preview and Print a Workbook

Topic B: Set Up the Page Layout

Topic C: Configure Headers and Footers

Lesson 3: Working with Functions

Topic A: Work with Ranges

Topic B: Use Specialized Functions

Topic C: Work with Logical Functions

Topic D: Work with Date and Time Functions

Topic E: Work with Text Functions

  • Dates: Dec 13, 2023
  • Times: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (EST)
  • Location: Client Site
  • Seats: 5
  • Price: $169